Insurance Claims & Accident Repair

   • If you are at fault, you can claim insurance if your car is fully insured. If it is only 3rd party insurance you would have to bear the repair expenses.

   • If you are not at fault then find out from the other driver which insurance company his car is insured with. You will probably need to go to their offices to complete the formalities.

   • Take your car to the claims office of the insurance company with the police report, registration, Qatar ID, etc. You can then file a claim. They will then send someone out to inspect your car and take photos for their file.

   • It is illegal for any garage in Qatar to carry out any accident or body work repairs on your vehicle without the paperwork from police and or insurance company.

   • In case of insurance claim, the insurance company will tell you which garage you can take the car to. Ask your Claims Officer to forward the vehicle to Top-Notch Garage. (Download Authorization letter here)

   • For vehicles more than 2 years old, confirm with your Claims Officer on any excess amount or depreciation on cover for Spare parts that shall be not covered by the insurance company.

   • Once you receive the insurance slip to give to the garage, book your repair appointment at Top-notch.

   • To know more about the road accident procedures in Qatar, click here